End of Dual Agency, AKA Double-Ending, in Vancouver Real Estate

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Written on February 15th, 2019

Effective June 15th of 2018, Dual Agency has been banned in BC by the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. This has major implications to buyers & sellers of real estate in Vancouver, and here’s our take on the issue.

Dual Agency is a Conflict of Interest

Would one lawyer act for the defendant and plaintiff at the same time to strike a deal? That would be a terrible idea for both parties, as one person cannot truly represent the best interest of both parties. A similar reality exists in the real estate world. The owner wants to sell their home for the highest dollars possible, while the buyer is seeking to lower their purchase price. These two key motives directly contradict each other.

Dual Agency Exposes Too Much

When both buyers and sellers have their own Realtor®, each real estate agent is bound to look out for their respective clients’ best interest, while protecting their confidentiality. In a dual agency situation, it’s like one party seeing the opposing player’s hands in a poker match, depending on which direction the Realtor® wants to go.

Dual Agency Ends Up Working For the Wrong Party

The biggest interest looked after, often, is neither that of the buyer nor the seller – it’s the agent him/herself to complete a deal and earn the commission cheque in the shortest time period possible.

Dual Agency
Sole Agency
  • Knows the motives behind offers/pricing of both sides, without confidentiality.
  • Keeps the buyer’s motives & eagerness a secret as the Buyer’s Agent.
  • Cannot advise the buyer on what price or subjects to put on the offer.
  • Keeps the seller’s urgency (or lack thereof) to sell a secret as the Seller’s Agent.
  • Attempts to balance the interests of the buyer and seller at the same time – or often – the agent’s own interest comes in first.
  • All advice & actions are 100% loyal to either the buyer or the seller only, with alternative options explored for the best deal.

Ensure you are protected by having a Realtor® on your side when you are buying.

Protecting Consumers and the Integrity Of the Industry

The fundamental advantage of each real estate professional representing one party’s interest, and that alone, is now abundantly clear. Without such protection, questionable transactions such as shadow flipping in Vancouver was allowed for many years leaving home sellers feeling cheated. In other cases, the Realtor® would agree to rebate a portion of his/her commission to double-end (an industry jargon for a real estate transaction completing under Dual Agency) the deal, which leaves questions on whether this was in the best interest of both buyer & seller, or just one or two of these parties.

The new ban on Dual Agency ensures that there will be significantly less “questionable” transactions pushed through by real estate agents, and it makes it much more likely that each real estate professional will stay true to their course of looking out for their buyer or seller’s best interest, and that only.

Still, There Is A Loophole – Don’t fall for it!

One way a real estate agent could skirt the ban on Dual Agency is to pressure the buyer to become an unrepresented party. This is truly a nightmare scenario where you are left on your own accord, and the real estate agent has absolutely zero loyalty for your best interest – in many ways, worse than a Dual Agency scenario.

Unrepresented Party
With Buyers Representation
  • The other Realtor® is entirely loyal to the homeowner, not the buyer.
  • Loyal to the buyer, not the homeowner, and leaves options open.
  • Obligated to protecting the privacy of the seller, not the buyer.
  • Obligated to protect your privacy, not the homeowner (seller).
  • Can disclose private information of the buyer to the seller, but not the other way around.
  • Cannot disclose private information of the buyer to the seller. Seller’s interest is also protected
    by the other agent, creating mutual protection.

In Your Corner, On Your Side, Always

A dedicated buyer’s agent through a simple, hassle-free, cost-free agreement is one of the easiest and best ways you can be protected as a buyer in this hectic real estate market. The buyer’s agent is somebody that is 100% on your side, with your best interest, always, while leaving all other options open for your best interest.


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